Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


General Business

Fully completed and signed ACORD 130 application, currently valued loss runs, and officer form. An ACORD 130 application must be on file to bind coverage along with application documentation. Review our New Broker Process. In addition, there may be additional applications and forms required. Contact us with questions.

No. Our products are sold exclusively through property and casualty agents and brokers like you, whom we match up with top-rated carriers - so you can enhance your relationship with clients.

Through our relationships with top-rated carriers and the volume of business we place, we can often secure coverage that otherwise would not be available.

Yes. Plus, in many cases, you receive your annualized commission upfront once the first premium is received.

No. You can place one or 1,000 cases with us, with annual premiums from $1,000 to $130,000 and higher.

Generally, 1.79. However in some cases our carriers can consider a higher experience mod.

Yes. Just send three to five years currently valued loss runs along with the ACORD 130.

In most instances, we quote in-house, and we’re committed to a turnaround in 24 hours or less.

Through a combination of excellent relationships with carriers, outstanding products and systems, and a team of individuals committed to your needs.



Audits are handled directly between the insured and the carrier. The carrier will contact the insured directly for the audit. The insured must comply with the audit request or an estimated audit may be issued and/or the policy may be cancelled for non-compliance. The insured must make every effort to keep audit appointments or reschedule them promptly if a conflict arises.

We will provide copies of audits to our brokers as a courtesy. A copy of the original audit will be sent direct to the insured from the carrier

To obtain audit worksheets the insured will have to provide a letter on their letterhead signed by an officer of the company authorizing the worksheets to be released. The insured may have the worksheets released directly to them or they may authorize the release of the worksheets to Agency Resources.

If the insured disagrees with the audit, they need to write a formal dispute letter immediately and submit it directly to the carrier. The dispute letter should be from the insured on their letterhead describing in detail what they feel is incorrect and what portions of the audit they agree with. Any supporting documents, payroll records, certificates and the like should be included along with the dispute letter. The dispute should be submitted to the carrier directly from the insured. They should also send in a good faith payment to the carrier for the undisputed portion of any additional audit premium due. The insured can contact the carrier directly to set up payment arrangements, subject to carrier approval, for any substantial balances after the revision is complete. Audit premiums are due upon receipt.

The insured should contact the carrier immediately upon receipt of an estimated audit and set up a physical audit. Estimated audits are issued when the carrier cannot audit the insured’s books and records. This is a requirement of all workers compensation policies. The insured must set up the physical audit prior to any non-compliance cancellation date to be considered for a rescinder/reinstatement. It is also advisable that the insured fax a request to the carrier in writing with their contact name and telephone to provide proof of attempt to comply if needed. Estimated audits cannot be disputed as the information is an estimate. Only physical audits can be disputed. Estimated audits require action to provide compliance on the insured’s part.



  • Non-payment cancellations require payment prior to cancellation date.
  • Underwriting cancellations - may require specific action or information prior to cancellation date - contact our service representatives for assistance.
  • Non-compliance cancellations - require a physical audit to be set up by the insured prior to the cancellation date.
  • Other cancellations - contact our service representatives for assistance.
  • Cancellation for prior audit balance - require payment prior to cancellation date or valid dispute of audit balance prior to cancellation date and payment of any undisputed portion.

Contact our service representatives and we will work with the carriers underwriting department on a case-by-case basis. A copy of any reinstatement or rescinder will be sent directly by the carrier to the insured. We forward our brokers a copy as a courtesy upon receipt.



You may send endorsement requests by fax to 866-943-4039 or submit via email to Agency Resources. We will send these to the appropriate department at the applicable carrier. Contact us with questions.

Claim notices are reported directly to the carrier.

Most endorsements are processed and sent out by the carrier in 30 days.

  • Payroll reduction – contact us request for may be requested by the carrier.
  • Payroll increase - Detail of class codes and payrolls to be increased by location.

Note: Insureds should always pay as billed until endorsements are processed and any changes to premium cycle.


This resource is intended as a general information only. While we make all efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, Agency Resources does not take responsibility for errors or omissions made while referring to this content.