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South Carolina Exclusion Form

ContactFlorencia Bair for a brokerage agreement. This document must be completed, submitted and approved before a broker can do business with us. It sets forth the terms and conditions under which the broker and Agency Resources agree to do business.

Lost Policy Release
This form is used to request cancellation of a policy. The form must be completed, signed, and have a detailed reason for cancellation indicated. For example, if coverage has been replaced, the form must include the replacing carrier's name, policy number, and effective date.


New York Revocation of Election of a Corporation Form

Notice of Election of Coverage

Revocation of Election of Coverage

Notice of Election to be Exempt

Notice of Revocation of Election to be Exempt

Instructions for Completing Construction Industry Application For Exemption

Instructions for Completing Non-Construction Industry Corporate Officer Application for Exemption

Application for Drug-Free Workplace Premium Credit Program

Certification of Employer Workplace Safety Program Premium Credit

This form is used to report any changes to an insured business that may or may not affect the pricing of a workers' compensation policy. A policyholder is required to report a name change, a change of ownership, a merger or consolidation, or any other significant change to the carrier within 90 days of a change. The completed form should be submitted to Agency Resources.

Waiver of Subrogation Request
A waiver of subrogation is a condition of a contract or policy in which the insured relinquishes in writing any right to recover damages against another party. Its purpose is to minimize lawsuits and claims.

A C105.2 is a certificate of insurance that serves as proof of insurance. If issued from our office, it must have the signature of our underwriting manager to be valid.


If an officer, member, partner, or sole proprietor is listed on the back of the Acord 130 as included or excluded, the appropriate form for the state in which the insured is domiciled is required at the time of binding.

Connecticut Officer Exclusion

Florida Officer Exclusion

Illinois Election/Rejection Form

Massachusetts Officer Exclusion

Maryland Officer Exclusion

New Jersey Office Exclusion

New York Notice of Election

New York Officer Exclusion

Pennsylvania Officer Exclusion

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