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Pay-as-you-go is a billing option which enables insureds to pay for their workers comp premiums based on actual exposure, their real time payroll expense. The result is the insured pays what they owe when they owe it. This improves cash flow, eliminates estimated premiums, reduces or eliminates end of term audits, and provides the ease of electronic billing.


Our processing system calculates, collects and remits premium using client payroll data and transfers the appropriate premium payment via EFT to the carrier.  The insured pays their insurance premiums based on actual exposures, their per pay period payroll, in real time.


Some of the large payroll companies who provide pay-as-you-go are also insurance agencies. They use their payroll relationship to write the insurance. Our payroll providers are certified both to transmit data to our system and they certify they are "Agent Friendly" which means they are not looking to write the insurance. 


Other pay-as-you-go programs require the insured to switch to just one "preferred" provider or pick from a limited list of providers. With our system we have an easy process to add new payroll providers to give insureds more choices.


Our system can accept data from all of the major payroll software platforms so the integration for file transfer is already built into the software most payroll companies already use. In addition, we can also accept excel spreadsheet uploads, manual web interface data entry, and custom file transfer via FTP. 

Currently the system is already set up to work with the following vendors software platforms:

  • Accountants World – Payroll Relief
  • Thomson Reuters – Payroll CS / Service Bureau CS / MyPay
  • PaySoft – Pro-Pay
  • UBCC – Service Bureau Payroll
  • Millennium – MPAY
  • ISystems – Evolution
  • Polaris Payroll
  • Valiant – Vault Payrol


You simply request pay-as-you-go for the billing option, verify the payroll source is certified, and submit the proper contact information. It’s that simple.

  1. Quote policy and request Pay-As-You-Go prior to binding.  If the account meets the carrier guidelines for the pay-as-you-go billing option notify us prior to binding the account that you would like Pay-As-You-Go
  2. Identify Approved Payroll Source. You will need to identify if your insured’s payroll provider is currently certified with us. This can be done easily by using the provider’s name and state on our on-line search engine, or you can call us and we will cross check our listings for you.  If the provider is not certified we can have them contacted for approval, or they may complete our certification form and return it to us for approval. Average approval turnaround is 3 days. We can still work with you to obtain a pay-as-you-go solution even if your provider is not able to be certified. Self Reporting features are available with some carriers based on specific criteria and data transfer requirements, contact us for more information.
  3. Submit the following contact information upon bind request: Officer's full name, title, phone number, and email address. You also need to include the certified payroll source and payroll reporting frequency. An e-mail will be sent to the insured notifying that the policy has been set up. Subsequent notifications will also be sent to the insured each time payroll is processed.

InsurePay Certification Request


Now insureds can self report payrolls per pay period online direct and no payroll company is necessary.

Hartford offers an easy online set up and user friendly interface. Simply request this option when binding the account and provide the insured’s accounting contact person’s information.


Choose from a select number of payroll companies already set up to do pay-as-you-go workers compensation business direct with Hartford.  Note that these are strictly payroll providers and they do not offer insurance. Please request this billing option at the time of binding and provide the name of the insured’s payroll carrier from the list below.

  • Quickbooks Desktop Payroll (XactPAY Web)
  • AD Computer
  • Ceridian
  • Ovation (E-Chx)
  • PayChoice
  • Payroll Associates
  • USA Payroll New Jersey
Products and services are offered through Agency Resources, a division of Safehold Special Risk, Inc., dba Safehold Special Risk & Insurance Services, Inc. in California. Safehold is a division of Wells Fargo Insurance and a non-bank insurance agency affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company. Coverage is provided by unaffiliated insurance companies.

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