Simplified Billing

  • Direct Bill
  • Credit/Debit card

Pay-As-You-Go Options 

We are pleased to offer simplified billing options. Pay-As-You-Go enables insureds to pay workers’ compensation premiums based on actual exposure and their real time payroll expense. The result is the insured pays what they owe, when they owe it. This improves cash flow, eliminates estimated premiums, reduces or eliminates end of term audits, and provides the ease of electronic billing. The processing system calculates, collects, and remits premiums using client payroll data and transfers the appropriate premium payment via EFT to the carrier.

  1. Self-Reporting: Insureds can self-report payroll online, per pay period, without a payroll company. Our carriers offer an easy online setup and user-friendly interface. Simply request this option when binding the account and provide the insured’s accounting contact name, email address, and phone number.
  2. Certified Payroll Vendor: Our carriers work with payroll providers who are agent friendly, which means they are not looking to write the insurance. Simply provide the name of your payroll provider so we can confirm they are already certified. From there, we will complete a few basic steps to set up the provider.
  3. EFT: The electronic funds transfer (EFT) program is an easy and secure method for your insurance payments. The EFT program authorizes a withdrawal on a one time or ongoing basis from your designated checking or savings account. We’ll provide a one-page application to establish EFT, and your insured can enjoy the convenience of direct draft payments.